LVS Video

Why Manual Lymphatic Drainage works


Click here to view the Lymphatics in action

Whist viewing the above video you will notice the caption in the bottom LHS of the video ‘Before MLD’. At this point the Indocyanine Green contrast has been injected into the ankle (see the dark square which is the band aid). Notice that in the top of the patients RHS foot the contrast is static. As the therapist begins MLD the Lymphatics are stimulated and the contrast is pumped up the leg toward the head. This represents how the Lymphatic Vessel System is stimulated during MLD and carries away excess fluid and waste from the foot.

Why Remedial Massage hinders the LVS from working rather than helping

Many of the Lymphatic vessels or pipes range from .2mm-.8mm in thickness. They are often referred to as resembling a ‘Pearl Necklace’ due to the fact that the pipe work is made up of a continuous series of pumps called ‘Lymph Angions’. Due to the fragility of these pipes excess pressure from most forms of Massage including Remedial Massage collapse the vessels a little like parking the car on the garden hose. Secondly, Remedial massage stimulates our vascular systems to deposit excess fluid and nutrients into the area of tissue being treated. Thats why frequently the area massaged becomes red. Stopping the LVS from pumping and dumping more fluid and nutrients in to an already overloaded or malfunctioning Lymphatic System hinders to journey toward good health and detoxification.

Thank you to E.M. Sevick-Muraca from the Center for Molecular Imaging, The Brown Foundation of Molecular Medicine, The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, Texas 77030 for permission to display the video.

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