Cosmetic surgery scars and edema

Cosmetic Surgery scars and Edema

This is a particularly good area for the indication for MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage). A one week pre-operative daily MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) of the region to be operated on will significantly improve post operative healing. After the operation, the extended vicinity of the operation site is treated first, in which one continues with drainage of the hematomas and edemas in the nearer vicinity of the operation scar. The scar can also be included in the treatment after the stiches are removed. After daily treatment, there should be intermittent treatment consisting of two or three sessions per week.

This applies to face lifts, abdominal wall corrections and mammoplasty. Experience has shown that the cosmetic end result is especially favourably influenced in cases of breast reduction surgery.

Skin transplant sometimes result in uneven skin levels. First the vicinity around the transplanted region should be drained. The transplant itself should not be included in the treatment, since inexpert manipulation might provoke rejection reactions.

When this healing aid procedure is complete, then the transplant region can also be included in the treatment.

MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) promotes the new growth of Lymphatic anastomoses that have been disrupted and damaged during surgery.

(Renato Kasseroller, “Compendium of Dr Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage”, 1998 P121-122 Italics ours).

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