Allergic and Chronic Eczema

Allergic and Chronic Eczema

Since it is often hard to tell whether eczema has “become chronic” treatment begins by draining only a narrow border-portion of the eczema. If no reaction is provoked it is safe to extend the treatment area.

Because the skin is frequently rough and dry a few drops of oil can be used as a lubricant. Prior to use the patient’s tolerance is always checked first.

For psoriasis, the therapist will drain the efflorescence (fullness of manifestation) first then will treat the psoriasis site. If psoriasis has been present for a long time without an episode, one can completely heal the skin manifestations. The PUVA radiation (see below) therapy is administered parallel to the MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) therapy, maintaining an 8 hour interval between the two treatments.

Since all chronic dermatoses have a psychosomatic component, whole body treatment is always recommended as change therapy.

In the event of a superimposed infection, this condition is termed ‘an acute dermatosis’ and MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) treatment is extended in this case.

(Renato Kasseroller, “Compendium of Dr Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage”, 1998 P146 Italics ours).

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