Feedback from 88y/o male patient suffering from constipation 17/7/2017

Patient comments that after 3 Lymphatic treatments the constipation that has plagued him for over 8 weeks has gone and he is now relieved to have had 3 normal healthy motions.

Feedback from 74 y/o female patient with Lymphoedema following BCC removal 14/7/2017

Patient comments that her Lymphoedema is reduced to the point it is not pressing on her throat making it hard to swallow any more. Also the government supplies 14 pads per week and her urine out put has increased so much that she is using 4 pads per day.

Feedback from health provider following remedial massage treatment  20/6/2017

Good morning Tony , I have been requested by (patient name) and his Case Manager to see if you would possibly be able to see him for 3-4 extra sessions as he said he felt and slept so much better. Would you have space for few extra sessions over next 7 weeks?Thank you

Feedback following treatment of 92 y/o male with rotator cuff damage 22/6/2017

Good morning Tony, (patients name) case manager has asked if you have the availability to increase sessions from fortnightly to weekly, as he is finding it really helpful. Can you please advise if you are able to do this? Thank you

Feedback following 2 hour detox treatment 17/6/2017

Not  ever  having  had  a  lymphatic  massage  before,  I  really  didn’t  know  what  to  expect.   However  I  was  very  interested  to  experience  something  new,  particularly  as  I  have  been   diagnosed  with  a  skin  cancer,  and  was  very  aware  of  subtle  pains  at  times  within  my   lymphatic  system.  Plus  I  had  a  swollen  lymph  node  under  my  left  arm  for  a  couple  of  years,   ever  since  I  had  an  anaphylactic  reaction  from  antibiotics.   When  I  met  Tony,  he  clearly  explained  to  me  how  does  a  gentle  Lymphatic  massage,  I   knew  then,  that  this  was  something  that  would  really  support  me  at  this  time.   My  session  went  for  around  2  hours,  which  was  gentle  and  relaxing.  The  next  morning   however  when  I  went  to  the  loo,  surprisingly  enough  to  me,  I  had  a  massive  bowel  motion,   and  the  only  thing  that  I  could  relate  this  to  was  the  effects  of  having  such  a  profound   lymphatic  cleanse.   The  other  thing  that  I  also  noticed  was,  that  the  swollen  lymph  node  under  my  arm  has   reduced  in  size.   Even  though  I  regularly  do  lymphercising  on  the  Bellicon  rebounder,  I  do  believe  strongly   that  the  special  unique  Lymphatic  massage  that  Tony  does  to  gently  pump  the  lymph   nodes  is  what  has  made  the  difference  to  me.   This  is  something  that  I  would  highly  recommend  anyone  wanting  to  make  a  change  in   their  health  and  wellbeing.     June  2017  

Patient treated with general detox 17/6/2017

Email from patient 3 hours after detox treatment; “Hi Tony, Thank you so much for the wonderful lymphatic massage today, already I feel a change with the lymph node under my arm, which is wonderful to share my own personal experience with others”.

92 y/o male patient with duel rotator cuff injuries 14/6/2017

Phone call 5 hours after treatment “I feel great and have had the best bowel movement in years”.

82 y/o Male breast cancer patient 31/5/2017

Thank you Tony we really appreciate the time that you gave us and all the information. I was so relaxed I slept from Yandina to Redcliffe…….and we will book another treatment for myself once we look at our Diary. I think it would also be good for (wifes name) to have a treatment.

Yes, Tony I have been really good today thank you. Swelling has gone out of my ankles also and the pain in my upper arm hasn’t worried me. Many thanks….


Male patient with Atonic Bladder (presently, in dwelling Catheter (IDC) in situ) 9/5/2017

Feed back from carer stated that at 5.30pm on the evening following a 1 hour Lymphatic treatment 3 hours earlier, the patient discharged 900ml of urine over and the normal 100-200ml

Female patient treated for edema post hysterectomy 8/5/2017

Hi Tony Lovely to meet you as well………Am looking forward to seeing you again this Friday, and again, thank you for your magical massage today.  I am so very grateful for your care and concern. Thanks also for all this interesting reading …..Shall view all these videos etc. tomorrow but suffice to say, your massage today was wonderful….With best wishes….

Follow up call 10/5/2017: The patient commented that she had lost 2kgs in weight since the initial treatment.

30 y/o female being treated for BCRL 8/5/2017

Hi Tony, Thank you for the treatment today, my tummy didnt shut up the whole way home haha…..Will keep in touch and thanks again!….

Patient having treatment for Lymphoedema on his leg 7/5/2017

Tony, I thought I would just touch base with you to let you know where I am at the moment. I have to have another radiation therapy programme which is pretty intense over the next week and a bit, I will have to postpone any immediate treatments from you……The lymphodema continues to improve after the amazing first drainage, when you seemingly emptied me out, to the point where it is hardly noticeable now. Lymphatic drainage really works.   Thank you. Yours sincerely……

Scleroderma patient progress 21/04/2017

Telephone follow up (20/4/2017) on a patient last treated in April 2016 I am happy to report that; Her bowels are still operating normally, she is free from mouth ulcers and the sensitivity of her upper chest against garments is still remained around 1-2 out of 10

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Patient successfully treated post Cellulitis 19/4/2017

Hi Tony …….Wearing the sock has certainly made a difference slowly but surely and also going to the heated pool three times a week also has helped. The Steve + has made putting on the sock so much easier and would recommend it’s use to anyone. It’s the best $129 I’ve spent (my wife now won’t get RSI). Next appointment  would suit better ……due to the markets in Eumundi and the traffic on a Wednesday.

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Feedback regarding fitting and supplied compression garment 07/04/2017

“ Finding Tony was a blessing! He provided me with so much knowledge and support about Lipedema and Lymphedema after going to many doctors who did not know what the swelling in my legs was. Although it was a shock at first and the measuring was quite a process I am so happy with the outcome. I now have all my measurements for future compression garment purchases which are made to fit my body type! The stockings are the perfect fit and feel like a second skin, they provide me with pain relief and also keep the swelling and fluid build up to a minimum. Apart from that, they give me piece of mind knowing that wearing them is preventing my legs from getting any larger. The time Tony put into my treatment and the order of the compression stockings was above and beyond. Although the outlay of expenses for treatment and time for measuring may be a shock, I assure you leaving yourself in pain and worry is much worse. Thankyou Tony for helping me when no one else knew what was going on. ….Eumundi QLD”  Thanks

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Male patient with new compression socks 2/3/2017

Hi Tony They appear to be working well, the fluid has gone down and staying down…..Cheers


Patient with new compression garment 25/2/2017

 Hi Tony, Getting faster at putting suit on…. Use plastic bags over feet to make it easier to slide on.Suit comfortable, but a bit tight sometimes around instep when the feet pieces move. ..Suit easy to get off and leaves no marks on my body. Legs looked better but feet not as good as bandages.Easy to get down for toileting. Improvement in bad leg, not so heavy, and more stable when walking and can lift it higher. Kind regards,

Lymphoedema patient 24/2/2017

Hi Tony, After my detox I felt tired,for a couple of days I would wake up starving, then I had a burst of energy and was able to do all my gardening ….. A big improvements in Bowel Movements as well.  Thanks Tony.

Response to detox 23/2/2017

Thanks so much Tony, I very much enjoyed our session today …..I do feel very relaxed in my body and in my mind actually!! ….Was interesting..  When I woke up this morning I didn’t have such a sense of dread, which I have been having of late (not who I am at all, but everything has been a bit overwhelming of late).  I definitely felt lighter and more positive, and my body wasn’t as sore, and neither was my wrist as sore as it usually feels upon waking.  I don’t normally pay attention to all that with how my body feels, but the fact that it did feel considerably better, made me much more aware of how bad it has been feeling if that makes sense!!,  I also felt that I looked a bit better and clearer when I went to the mirror to wash my face and clean my teeth!! Thankyou again.

Patient suffering from Lime disease 9/02/2017

Hi tony. I felt soooo good after that massage I could go for a walk on the beach. Thanks ….

SMS regarding patient being treated with MLD for upper/lower limb oedema 6/1/2017

Hi Tony …He had a transfusion last night overnight which was only possible because of you. They would not put the needle in his chest because of his condition but managed to put it in his hand due to lack of fluid.

Patient undergoing detox massage 6/12/2017

Hi Tony Thanks for another great massage. Had stomach ache Wednesday late afternoon/evening. Eventually after expelling considerable gas felt much better. Whether it had anything to do with massage I have no idea. Felt great all day yesterday…….

Patient receiving MLD post Lung Cancer operation 30/12/2016

Hi Tony Thanks for yesterday’s wonderful massage. Feeling great today, plenty of energy but also nicely relaxed…….

Progress of patient treating prostate cancer naturally 20/12/2016

SMS from Patient, 20/12/2016; ‘PSA number dropped down 2 points which is heading in the right direction’… After assessment;  ‘Last one (session) was in October 40% improvement in Lymph in each leg, 60% in groin, 50% in belly. Overall improvement in all areas. Thermal imaging also showed improvement (name).

After self treatment in an hyperbaric chamber, vitamin C injections, naturopathic advice and 8 x MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) treatments.

Email after couple given 2 hour detox

The tangible response to Lymphatic drainage is manifest many times in tiredness as the body works hard to process the additional load.

 Hi Tony, …..Seeing as (name) and I were both very tired when we saw you on Saturday the lymph massage has affected us quite a bit. I was very tired yesterday and had a headache…same today. (Name of Husband) slept for almost 12 hours (he’d worked long hours Thurs and Friday) and was awful to be around. If we both have our massages together and detox at the same time it’s difficult!

Email after 1 hr detox 13/12/2016

Email entitled “feeling great” Hi Tony, Just wanted to let you know I woke up this morning with more energy than I’ve had for weeks. Powered through my morning walk. Have a great day. Cheers….

Response to compression garment provided 29/11/2016

Pants r gr8. Bit tight to put on but very comfy!

Auto immune patient 22/11/2016

Good morning Tony,…..Must tell you that for the first time in ages, I slept for 7 hours last night and woke up at 8:30! Good grief. 

Auto immune patient 17/11/2016

Dear Tony, Thank you so much for your generous lymphatic treatment this morning. It was interesting in so many ways, so I, too, hope that it provides some improvements. Was a bit dozy driving home, but that’s not unusual for the time of the day…… Oddly, did not feel at all hungry, maybe because of a slight nausea, so had very little. However, I DO feel a bit ‘looser’ rather than lighter. Looking forward to the days to come, to see what happens next. Thanks also for passing on so much good information, including these links, which I’ll watch in the morning when I’m fresher mentally.

 Detox patient 20/10/2016

Hi Tony I just wanted to tell you that i have not had any neck or shoulder pain since you gave me the lymphatic drainage treatment and I have not had to take any panadol or any other pain medication so I am very pleased indeed.  And my left leg has been much better too.  So thank you very much.   I will tell the group how impressed I have been……

Detox patient 12/10/2016

Hi Tony, Thanks for the treatment yesterday.  I feel great today.  My whole body seems to feel freer, or looser or less clogged or lighter or something.  It feels really great.  the left lower leg still feels a bit achy so I suspect it is more likely to be a nerve problem and probably to do with something in my lower spine perhaps.  It is an intermittent problem and not a big bother anyway.  but it felt good after your treatment yesterday anyway.

6 weeks post treatment of Scleroderma patient 22/06/2016

Now I am continuing to remain the same as when you finished the trial which is a brilliant result for me, I am truly appreciative. No ulcers, not much fatigue, minimal aches & pains, bowels behaving, I always smile to myself when I think back at some of the conversations we had regarding bowels. So thank you, thank you.

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Scleroderma patient 02/06/2016

“Hi Tony, …….. It was very generous of you to offer me  (& anyone else) the Trial & I appreciate the work you carried out on me, it has really made a positive difference”.

 Scleroderma patient 23/4/2016

“Hi Tony, After my 5th treatment I am still feeling more energised, less irritation of the skin in chest area, more saliva flow, less aches & stiffness, more clarity, better tummy feeling, more normal bowel emptying. Overall symptoms are >70% better than prior to start of treatment. I don’t know how else to explain it but my whole body “feels” healthier. I have been working on the saliva gland area & believe I need a medium pressure treatment there”.

Scleroderma patient 21/4/2016

 As a follow up to the treatment so far I am very happy to report that the skin irritation to my chest area which has caused me great discomfort since I was 11 years old has improved significantly, 50%, so much so that I am able wear my nighty against my skin without irritation. My saliva production has been very limited for approximately 18 years due to my having Sjogren’s disease & I suffer with a dry mouth which causes ulcers, since having 3 treatments my saliva flow has increased dramatically, up to 60%. In fact my dentist commented on the fact & said my saliva flow was the best he has seen in a Sjogren’s patient now. Another area I have seen great results is the bowel as I have had intermittent constipation/diarrhea all my adult life with some days passing a motion with both in the one movement. After the third treatment I managed to pass a normal fully formed motion & have continued to do so since. So thank you, thank you.

Follow up after Dementia patient treatment

Update on (name), he is still very bright & was gardening today while I was away & is better than I have seen him for months”.(following treatment on 12/4/2016)

Scleroderma patient 18/4/2016

“Hi Tony, I am feeling really good after today’s session, the energy level is up, no tiredness & have passed the most normally formed bowel motion in years. So that is a positive. Still continuing to pass more urine than prior to the treatment. My aches & stiffness are less prominent now as well”. Update on Malcolm, he is still very bright & was gardening today while I was away & is better than I have seen him for months.

Remedial treatment of back 18/4/2016

“Hi Tony, Sorry for my delayed response,….. My treatment was amazing and have defiantly passed on the feedback to head office”.

Dementia sufferer 17/4/2016

“Hi Tony, ….(name) has been more motivated & focused since the treatment & is far less fatigued”. (following treatment on 12/4/2016)

Scleroderma sufferer 17/4/2016

“Hi Tony, I had good results yesterday with passing more frequency & quantity of urine & I did the tummy breathing in bed followed by working on my tummy & yippee lots of tummy noises!  Alert & energised today. See you tomorrow.”

 Scleroderma sufferer 14/4/2016

“Thanks Tony, that will be fine. I am feeling good after the treatment with not as much ” stiffness” throughout my body & actually less brain fog. so thank you”. (2hr full body Lymphatic treatment)

Crest sufferer 14/4/2016

“Hi Tony, How are you? Just an update, you are very switched on with your Profession. The Bruise on my leg you said should fade has nearly gone!! (patient had bruise for 2 years) I am Pooping like a Trooper and feeling alot more energetic. Thanks again and as soon as I can see you again I will be in touch :)” (Further feedback after treatment 9/4/2016)

Dementia treatment 12/4/2016

“Hi Tony, (name) has had a good day, no bad effects & is not anxious & feels bright”. (after 1.5 hour Lymphatic treatment)

Crest sufferer 9/4/2016

“Hi Tony, Thankyou for Saturday, and I didnt feel tired at all, infact I seemed to have more energy. I don’t seem to feel hungry as much. Maybe it’s a coincidence i’m not too sure”. (1.5 hours of Lymphatic drainage)

 Hashimoto’s disease treatment 7/4/2016

“Hi Tony, I felt so good after my MLD treatment with you. I got really thirsty for a couple of days, which I think was good and had a bit of clearing form my lungs as well which I think was remainder of the chest issues I have a month ago. …..I will be in touch to book another treatment as I know it helps my thyroid”. (After 2 hour Lymphatic treatment)

Re-Shingles treatment….

Learning to self administer and manage my shingles through the specific Lymphatic Drainage skills I gained from Tony has improved my life quality.

With a compromised immune system I was originally diagnosed with Shingles at the age of six. The life long condition (held in the bloodstream) meant I would experience extreme pain down the side of my face and neck with the potential always for facial paralysis when ever it struck. On many occasions when I caught a cold or became run down or stressed blisters would result from my Shingles even on full strength medication, this occurrence would happen twice to four times a year on average. For over 35years now I have lived with this repeating and painful condition at a cost of approximately $300 per script and total discomfort.

Of course this is a lifetime blood condition and I will always get run down and experience stress so Shingles will always appear. However the difference now is that I am not reliant on costly medication, I can self administer a localised lymphatic drainage treatment at the first sign of my Shingles starting up. Put simply Lymphatic drainage has offered me freedom, relief and control over my Shingles.

Separate to this and with a focus on treating my entire lymphatic system, rather than just a localised area, I have undergone many full body treatments at Zebra Lymphatic to fully address and support to my entire Lymphatic System throughout my body.

The treatments I have received are full body, very gentle and subtle in touch, but are highly effective in their impact noticed a day or two later.

Kim V.Rintel

yoga & meditation

Vinyasa Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation 


Registered Member of YOGA AUSTRALIA

Yoga Diploma & 1000hrs Internationally Certified

Remedial Massage therapy


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To whom it may concern,

 Over the past months Tony has contracted his services to my company in a number of different settings including recovery massage for the Redcliffe Dolphins League Club, the pre and post-event massage for the Mater Hospital “Climb for Cancer” charity event and more recently at the Brisbane Broncos recovery session.

 As his supervisor, whilst he was finishing his studies at college, I have also seen his clinical skills as a therapist, effectively utilising a range of techniques in his treatment sessions. I have always found him to be a punctual and enthusiastic participant who demonstrates great communication skills with the clients and a genuine caring nature.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to a future employer or client in regard to his ability to provide a professional and functional Remedial Massage. If you have any further questions please feel free to call or email me on the numbers below,


 Matt Parry

0413 354 643



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