Combined Decongestive Therapy (Bandaging)

CDT (Combined Decongestive Therapy)

rosidal k short stretch bandage

As the name suggests, CDT is a treatment that incorporates a number of components; skin care, MLD, Bandaging, exercise and home exercise. CDT is always done by a trained massage therapist. CDT has proven to be extremely effective for post-operative breast cancer patients, people suffering from Lymphoedema and Lipodema and the conditions listed in the “conditions” page of the website. Why is it so effective? Firstly the treatment is specifically tailored to the patient, specific techniques and pressures are used to best stimulate the removal of toxins and waste from the tissue allowing the body’s own defence and surveillance mechanisms to function at optimal levels. During the treatment measurements and detailed history are taken so both the patient and therapist can monitor outcomes.

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