Lymphatic Massage & Remedial massage

Therapeutic Lymphatic massage to detox or remedial to address sports and work injuries

Health & safety

Zebra Lymphatic therapists are Covid-19 trained

Laser Therapy

Scar and Cording reduction

Products for Patients and Therapists

Visit my ONLINE SHOP for bandages, under-padding, Kinesiology tape and all your Lymphatic needs

Mobile Service

Can't come to us? Don't worry we'll come to you anywhere throughout the Sunshine Coast area

See why correct massage stimulates the Lymphatics?

Because much of the LVS (Lymphatic Vessel System) consists of such a fine network of pipes (.2mm -.8mm thick) the correct pressure is critical. Remedial massage collapses the LVS shutting off the Lymphatic function and hinders function by stimulating excess fluid and nutrients into the tissue. Visit the above tab 'LVS Video" to learn more....

Lymphatic Services and Products

Lymphatic Services and Products
Need a detox or Lymphatic treatment and garments made we can help all in the one clinic.

Mobile Massage service

Mobile Massage service
We can come to you. Please contact us for a time that suits you and we can treat you in the comfort of your own home.

Discount treatment offer

Discount treatment offer
SAVE 10% when you purchase the Body Benefits treatment pack.

Registered Provider

Registered Provider
I am a registered provider with the following Health providers listed on the 'Health providers' tab on the website.

Why does Lymphatic treatment work?

The Lymphatic System does 3 main jobs; It’s responsible for transporting waste, dead cells, Long chain fats and a host of other refuse from the body. Secondly it maintains the balance of fluid in our tissues and third, it is the transport system through which our immune system operates. This System operates at around 6-10 beats per minute. As we age, damage ourselves or through medical procedures and chemicals that we take into our bodies the function of our Lymphatic System becomes impaired. Most of the 60% of the fluid that makes up or bodies is handled by our lymphatic systems then becomes less viscus (runny/slippery). MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) stimulates the Lymphatic System to operate at up to 30 beats per minute. This means that excess fat, fluid, toxins and any other waste is flushed from our bodies through our eliminatory organs. This 60% of fluid that makes up most of our bodies remains ‘runny’ leaving our tissues and cells able to dump the rubbish and take in nutrients. MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) is the best way to focus ‘on areas of need’ and to stimulate the Lymphatic System.
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