Diagnostic tools

Indocyanine Green

View video of the Lymphatics before and during MLD treatment

One excellent way do determine how well the Lymphatic vessels are working is by having a diagnosis done using Indocyanine Green. In real time through the use of both digital and infrared imaging you can literally see your own lymphatic pathways ways functioning. The above video demonstrates why MLD (manual Lymphatic Drainage) is so effective in stimulating the Lymphatic vessels into action. As you view the video you will see how the ‘Indocyanine Green contrast’ is sitting in active in the Lymphatic vessels on the top of the foot prior to MLD being initiated, once started the MLD stimulates the Lymphatic Vessel system into action by ejecting the contrast up the leg.


Jillian's Breast ThermographyContact Zebra Lymphatic for further information on Thermography

Blood Tests

When considering a blood test, knowing that any damage to a limb could be the tipping point for triggering Lymphoedema, why not ask if you can have blood extracted from the feet. Additional training is required by the nurse but a number of clinics are offering this option currently.

Blood pressure tests

When having a blood pressure test why not see of the medical staff have a device that can measure your BP at the wrist. This is another measure to protect the arm from further risk of Lymphoedema.

Stemmers Test

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Pitting Test

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