CDT (Combined Decongestive Therapy)

rosidal k short stretch bandage

CDT is a treatment for Lymphoedema sufferers that encompasses an holistic approach from diet and exercise through Lymphatic Drainage Massage, bandaging and garment measure and supply, Learn more .

MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage)


MLD is a very light, systematic massage designed to specifically stimulate and drain our Lymphatic Systems, Learn more .

Laser Therapy

sliders LASER

Laser therapy is an excellent way to reduce scarring & cording and to help stimulate new lymphatic growth after surgery and trauma, Learn more .

Remedial massage

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Remedial Massage is the preferred treatment for those suffering sports and work related soft tissue injury, Learn more .

Pregnancy Massage

pregnancy massage

Pregnancy places a huge load on the body. A soft, soothing Pregnancy Massage can alleviate many of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, Learn more .

Detox Massage


Lymphatic Massage is one of the best ways to stimulate removal of waste from the human body, Learn more .

Cellulite reduction


Lymphatic massage stimulates the elimination of excess fat from the body, Learn more .



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