Steve + on/off combi box XS 25-30cm


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The new way to put on and remove arm and leg compression stockings.
All over the world millions of people, both young and old, wear therapeutic elastic stockings. Until now, putting on and removing these stockings was no easy task. Steve+® solves this problem.
With Steve+® you can easily put on and remove all types of stockings – with or without assistance. This can be done while sitting or lying down. Steve+® is the perfect aid, wherever you are.
Using Steve+® without assistance Bending over is no longer required, so even rheumatism or arthritis sufferers can easily use Steve+®. Steve+® is completely demountable, making it easy to take with you.
Using Steve+® with assistance Steve+® is a convenient solution for medical professionals and caregivers. Any stocking can be put on or removed from the care receiver – with hardly any effort.
A wide range of sizes to avoid wear Steve+® is available in various sizes to fit all requirements. As a result, the stocking provides more support with minimal wear.


Sizing: Extra small, Small, Medium and Large


*Note: Upon ordering this product a trained therapist will phone you to ensure the correct sizing of the product.

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